Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Key Lime Pie To Go

Mid-afternoon on Sunday I got asked to dinner by my new friend. This invitation came after several intermittent texts. My night was open so I agreed to go. I arrived at Longhorn’s, which was his suggestion, and waited for him in my car. He pulled up and told me to hop in. He had changed his mind and wanted to go to O’Charley’s instead. I was slightly disappointed because I had already made up my mind that I was going to eat a light dinner and then order the Chocolate Stampede. That bubble burst immediately.

Once we were seated in O’Charley’s, we ordered dinner. Like a gentleman, he let me order first. I chose the grilled chicken with a baked potato and broccoli cheese casserole. Seemed like a good selection until it was his turn. He ordered a bowl of soup! Really…soup!?!? Since when do guys order soup?

Eventually my enormous plate of food arrived. I had to get started because I was sure to be eating long after he finished. We had been talking for a while, or I should say he talked while I ate, when I noticed he had stopped eating. He had only taken about five bites of his soup and then pushed it aside. I couldn’t believe it! Here I am with a monster plate of food and he delicately picked at his bowl of soup. Clearly he doesn’t enjoy food like I do. Was I to stop eating because he stopped or continue eating while he sat and watched? Thankfully, he ordered dessert. Instant relief set in. At least I wouldn’t be the only one that was still eating.

The waitress returned with his slice of key lime pie and it looked delicious. (Of course I was eyeing it.) I don’t usually go for pie, but I wouldn’t have minded sharing a bite or two with him. It looked creamy and firm, but not hard with a distinctive lime green tint. It was a good size portion as well. He began whittling away the pie, bite by bite, as the conversation continued. A little while later, I glanced at his plate to see that he had eaten all of it except for the crust. That was curious. He cleared the crust completely of pie and then handed it off to the waitress. It happened so fast that I didn’t have a chance to rescue it. I could totally have eaten the crust. It looked so tasty. But, it’s probably best that she took it. It wouldn’t look good for me to finish the guy’s dessert on our second dinner together. It might send the wrong impression…that I eat everything in sight, even if it’s not mine. Nope, not the message I want to send. My middle name is not Piglet, even though it’s a nickname that stuck around too long as a kid.

After watching my, I mean his, pie crust disappear from sight, I asked why he didn’t eat the crust. Apparently he wasn’t a fan, but because I asked him about the pie, he ordered a slice to go for me. I happily accepted and recognized that this guy was quickly working his way into my good graces.

The pie was supposed to be a to-go slice, but we didn’t leave immediately. As my friend talked, I ever-so-subtly opened the Styrofoam box, drove the fork into the edible gift in front of me, and took a bite. Like a Cheshire cat, I smiled. It was cool and creamy, tart yet light. The crust was buttery and complemented the sweet and biting flavor. It was a refreshing alternative to my usual choice of chocolate. The tanginess and colorfulness brightened my otherwise ordinary chicken dinner. I enjoyed bite after bite sparing no crumb and having no shame that I ate an entire meal and dessert in front of my new friend. I’m not your typical girl. I actually eat food and enjoy every minute of it!

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